Tiny Footprint Engineering 



Tiny Footprint Engineering is a low-overhead firm specializing in electrical & computer engineering for sustainability.

We provide contracting and consulting services, and develop products for reducing energy and resource consumption.


Tiny Footprint Engineering provides consulting and contracting services for the design of electronic and computer technologies, with a focus on minimizing energy consumption and other resources. Overhead is minimized by making use of proven subcontractors for work not performed in-house, such as mechanical design and surface-mount assembly of subminiature electronics. Our large collection of hardware and software objects/modules maximizes design effectiveness and efficiency.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Project management and consulting services
  • Micropower electronic systems
  • Low-cost Embedded Microprocessor hardware and software
  • Wireless: Fixed-frequency, Agile-frequency, and Embedded Cellular (including internet access)
  • System Miniaturization and parts count/cost minimization
  • Computer interfacing: USB, Internet (including embedded servers)
  • Mechatronics and motor control

See the Projects page for a few of our recent design projects.

For projects without a sustainability focus, please check with our sister design company, Ablaze Systems, LLC.



Our products are geared to minimizing energy consumption in a variety of settings. These include:

  • Industrial control
  • HVAC control, including custom controllers for maximizing energy savings
  • High-tech agricultural controllers (e.g. irrigation, hydroponics)
  • Service: low-cost control system programming and maintenance based on customer's specific needs